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    About Bahrain

    Bahrain means Two Seas in the Arabic language. And it is the TWO SEAS in real as Bahrain is an archipelago of 33 original islands with the seawater surrounding them and, in the sea, there are sweet water wells.

    Bahrain area today is ~ 800 km2. The neighbors of Bahrain are Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

    The only connection with the mainland is the famous King Fahad Causeway, which was opened in 1986.

    The population of Bahrain is ~ 1.5 million. Expats make 54% and locals 46%.

    In Bahrain you can see all the nationalities, religions, backgrounds of the world living in harmony and coexistence like one family.

    Bahrain has been voted in 2017, 2018 the best place for the expats to live and the second place for the expats to work in 2018.

    Probably because of the existence of the sweet water, Bahrain has had history more than 5000 B.C. being the center of the ancient civilization of DILMUN.

    People believed at this time that Bahrain is a holy and sacred place and if they are buried into this land here, their life will go on forever… They will be young and healthy and have eternity!

    People also believe that it might be the former Garden of Eden.

    After the DILMUN Era in 330 B.C it was a Greek Hellenistic Era in Bahrain. At this time Bahrain was known as TYLOS.

    In 629 Bahrain became an Islamic country.

    In 1521 the Portuguese occupied Bahrain and were driven out from the island in 1602 by the Persian Shah from the Safavid Empire.

    In 1783 Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Khalifa drove out the Persians and became the first ruler from the Al Khalifa Clan.

    This is all just a drop of an amazing & interesting history of Bahrain.

    To know & explore it more with your own eyes, you are very WELCOME to Bahrain.