About Us

Stella Polare Boutique Events


I come from Northern Europe, where we have four mystical seasons with utterly beautiful white nights during summertime and surrounded with heavy snow and darkness during winter.

My very first visit to Bahrain was by chance! I had a four-hour stopover in the kingdom. At the time my knowledge about Bahrain was very limited, so to get to know the place I decided to take a quick tour, grabbed a taxi from the airport and drove around. I don’t know what happened exactly, but could definitely tell I fell in love with the country the first moment I landed in. Deeply I felt that would be my place, where I would love to come back and stay for a while.

I returned in 2009 for one month. After that I couldn’t leave the island anymore and I have been living in Bahrain for more than ten years.

The hospitality of Bahrainis, their caring and generous souls and their welcoming arms especially towards guests, their big hearts is irresistibly enormous.

The beautiful Land of the Two-Seas made me get attached to the island. From that moment onward I had an urge to tell the whole world what a beautifully diversified country Bahrain is! It was like I started a beloved mission; to share my story about Bahrain with the rest of the world and tell a tale that has flourishing details in every single page.

To make my dream become true, I established my own company and called it Stella Polare Boutique Events.

The name Stella Polare means a Northern Star and it’s famous for holding nearly still in our sky while at the same time the entire northern sky moving around it. That’s because it’s unique located closely to the north celestial pole, the point around which the entire northern sky is turning.  The reason Polaris is so important is because the axis of Earth is pointed almost directly at it. During the course of the night, Polaris does not rise or set, magically though remains nearly at the same spot above the northern horizon year-round while the other stars circling around it.

England’s national poet and famous playwright, Shakespeare had once a quote about it “I am constant as the northern star.”

I truly hope Stella Polare Boutique Events will have enough bright light to connect Bahrain with all the world, to globally reach every single spot in order to open unlimited channels of connection and communication and unleash opportunities.