Bahrain 45th National Day Celebration in Finland on the 16th of Dec,2016

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Eleven dedicated members of our small group did fly out to Helsinki on 15th of Dec 2016 to be part of the 45th National Day celebrations of Bahrain.
We organized a memorable dinner reception in the Radisson SAS Royal Hotel in Helsinki, where we invited around 100 people. Honorable guest list included various ministries, organizations and embassies.

Our main goal was to tell what Bahrain is in real. The achievements and accomplishments, and the status of Bahraini women in different sectors of the kingdom. In addition, we had various presentations on the history of Bahrain, the eGovernment, banking and tourism sectors.

The most important part of our event was to present the status of the women in Bahrain:

-The viable and integral roles Bahraini women play in their communities.
-Historically, positions held and developed by women throughout the years to present days.
-Achievements and accomplishments in sports, science, culture, art and others.
-Activities and contributions towards the society including women empowerment, Civil Rights, Environment, Education and others.
-Bahraini women roles in business sector as the numbers have shown and demonstrated.

A successful dinner reception was held and had a profound impact. The cozy reception was an eye-opening opportunity to our audience in the reception to meet and interact with highly educated, empowered and self-motivated Bahraini ladies who represented an integral part of the community and remarkably involved in business.

We also had beautiful musical greeting for Bahrain group from the famous Finnish opera singer Matti Turunen. His performance found a magical way to our hearts and souls.

In addition to our unforgettable Bahrain National Day Celebrations, our group of ladies visited also the Finland Chamber of Commerce, where we met with the Deputy Chief Executive, Master of Laws Leena Linnainmaa. We discussed about how to improve business cooperation between Finland and Bahrain.

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