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Our company provides all kind of tourist visitor Assistance services, with the professional multilingual tour guides up to successful tours in Bahrain.

All the tours are tailored as per the tourists, their needs & wishes & budget!  Service called A’ La Carte

We are ready to tailor the tours for 1 person up to hundreds.

Everybody is warmly WELCOME to Bahrain!

[accordion_title acrdion_ttl=”Sightseeing Tours in Bahrain” el_class=”white”]
  • Bahrain National Museum
  • Al Fateh Grand Mosque
  • Bahrain Fort
  • Beit al Quran
  • Bahrain WTC
  • King Fahad Causeway
  • Camel Farm
  • Al Jasrah Handicraft Center
  • Al Jasra House
  • Old City of Muharraq
    • Kurar House
    • Sheikh Ebrahim House
    • Abdullah Al Zayed House
    • Shaikh Isa bin Ali House
    • Mohammed bin Faris House
    • Arad Fort
    • Muharraq souq al Qaisariya Souq Pearling Road
  • Burial Mounds
  • Saar Burial Complex
  • Al Areen Wildlife Park
  • Barbar Temple
  • Tree of Life
[accordion_title acrdion_ttl=”Activities in Bahrain” el_class=”white”]
  • GOLF
  • F1 track
  • Go Carting
  • Indoor Skydiving/Gravity
  • Pearl diving in Bahrain
  • Fishing
  • Snorkeling
  • Horse riding
  • Bird Watching
  • Al Areen Wildlife Park & Reserve
  • Lost Paradise Aquapark
[accordion_title acrdion_ttl=”Relaxing SPA holiday” el_class=”white”]

Bahrain is famous for its huge variety of luxury SPAS.

[accordion_title acrdion_ttl=”Shopping in Bahrain” el_class=”white”]

This is a must to do in Bahrain!

From the local traditional markets/souqs up to fancy shopping centers like Capital Mall, Seef Mall, City Center, Moda Mall.

[accordion_title acrdion_ttl=”Gastronomia – Dining in Bahrain” el_class=”white”]

Explore the rich variety of the restaurants in Bahrain.

You can find all in Bahrain – from the local so tasty and colorful cuisine up to all the highest-level of the World’s cuisines.

We can advise you to find the special place for you upon your wishes.

If you want to learn how to make the local food, we also organize local food cooking classes.