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International symposium „Women from Worldover” March 14-16, 2019 took place in in Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel, Estonia in March 14-16. 2019.

Stella Polare Boutique Events from Bahrain was part of the organizers.

Women from different fields of activity who wanted to have new contacts, acquire knowledge and be inspired by each other came from very different countries – Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Germany, USA, Lithuania, Russia, Estonia, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia

To connect our countries via the culture… via the real women meeting each other on different levels, is the best way to show the real face of Bahrain and prove that we are all the same – mothers, wives, hard workers in many different areas.

The great connection was made already on this Welcome Ceremony. No words needed to say as all the photos show this amazing atmosphere.

15th of March 2019 was the symposium day!

We build up 2 tables with the Bahraini sweets and souvenirs and info booklets from the BTEA.

The symposium was opened by Mrs. Marina Kaljurand, the MP of the Estonian Parliament and the former Foreign Minister of Estonia.

Marica Lillemets – (Journalist, TV host, Media Adviser for EATA) was the MODERATOR of the event.

This symposium was divided into 3 sections:

  1. Women of different religions

Introduction was made by Tõnis Kark – Estonian clergyman, a chaplain and reverend. He made a very nice summary about the 3 religions and talked about Islam with high respect & true facts.

Other participants were: Saly Sedqi – Bahrain, Faten Alyafi – Saudi Arabia, Rahma Hersi – Kenya, Kristi Ockba Estonia/Yemen

  1. Crises in women’s lives and women’s life in conflict zones

Introduction speech was by Eda Mölder – board member in NGO Lifeline. Lifeline is an NGO dealing with the refugees in Estonia.

Other panelists were Mary-Justine Todd – WCCI Bahrain; Mai-Britt Ronnebro – President of IPA Sweden, Chairperson of Professional Commission; Krista Muleonok – Secretary General of NATO Estonia; Karin Kirst – police officer from Estonia

  1. Women in the business world as entrepreneurs and directors.

Introduction speech by Signe Ventsel –professional trainer in the Entrepreneurship Program in Business and Professional Women organization/Estonia

Other panelists: Mailis Lintlom – owner of glass & aluminum facades manufacturing company from Estonia; Lana Attar – social tech entrepreneur from Bahrain; Kadri Tali – Estonian music manager & producer, Manager of the Estonian Symphony Orchestra & Finnish National Opera, Sara Sedqi – Bahrain; Ann Runnel – Estonian owner of Reverse Resources Company; Kristel Lankots –owner of the Chocokoo company from Estonia; Vivian Unt – an Estonian who created a shoe brand Vivian Vau.

The last presentation was made by Meryl Crystal RA  – an innovator and trailblazer, globally renowned painter. She is very famous in the world for her paintings, architectural lighting sculptures, multimedia installations, videos, and architectural stained glass. Though Estonian, she resides in Helsinki, New York and Paris because of her job!

Few photos from the symposium atmosphere, which was amazing as no bad word, no negativity, just GREAT and WARM feeling among all the participants. Alhamdulillah

The SYMPOSIUM DAY ended with the GALA-dinner.

Just half an hour before the Gala-dinner our traditional ladies melted the hearts of all the guests of the symposium as well all the guests of Hilton Park hotel in Tallinn with their build up traditional Bahraini wedding performance, where at the end were enjoying and dancing all  – dependent their nationality, status, rank….

Photos again tell more than the thousand words…

After this successful Bahrain wedding ceremony, we went all for the GALA-dinner.

At the end all the organizers were invited to the stage.

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