Hana Sadiq

Hana Sadiq

Hana Sadiq who has a degree in French Literature from the University of Baghdad – is now primarily a fashion designer, specializing in the integration of Arabic art with the best of contemporary haut couture. Having studied painting with some major Iraqi artists, she went on to study textile design, silk painting and ceramic in Paris.

On the extensive travels throughout the Arab world she has collected around 5000 pieces of old silver Arabic jewelry and over 3000 traditional Arab costumes. She has published so far a book on the symbolism of Jordanian women’s tattoos, and wrote about natural cosmetics used by Arab women until the recent past.

She has also designed costumes for many television films and series as well as representing Arabic culture in festivals throughout the world. She designs dresses for queens and princesses from Arabic and foreign countries. She has also received numerous awards for her exceptional work from all over the world, recognized in Italy as the ambassador of Arabic fashion. She has been given the gold medal in 1999, and three silver awards in 2000 for her fashion shows in Italy. Not forgetting her noticeable participation in the Jerash festival where she also was awarded.

Philosophy and Sufism in a Kaftan

Everybody commented that her collections are always a cultural phenomenon with eastern charm.

Her Kaftans depict hidden charm of Arab women; they are a combination of bright and striking colors.

Arabic calligraphy dominates her designs with either verses of love poetry or simply scattered letters of “Kufic”  “Diwani Script”, “Riq’a Script” or “Thuluth” writing reflecting the beauty of the calligraphy.