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Step into the heart of Stella Polare Boutique Events. Our story is a tapestry woven with passion, innovation, and a commitment to redefining excellence in every venture we undertake. Explore our journey.

A Premier Event Planning Experience

Welcome to Stella Polare Boutique Events:

Stella Polare Boutique Events stands as a comprehensive, lifestyle-oriented, and professional event-planning firm committed to delivering exceptional experiences.

Our array of services encompasses a wide spectrum, including Corporate Events, Weddings, Conferences, Tourism Festivals, Fundraisers, Trade Shows, Private Events, MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions), Receptions, Grand Openings, Dinner Galas, Long Service Awards, and more. Every package we offer is customizable to cater to the unique needs of each client, ensuring a seamless alignment with their budgetary requirements.

Not only are we a top-tier event planning company, but we also extend our expertise to tourism assistance in Bahrain, providing valuable insights and support.

Recognizing the distinctiveness of every client, we have cultivated an intimate boutique consultative environment. This setting allows us to delve into your individuality, fostering the creation of new ideas and designs that truly resonate with your essence.

At Stella Polare Boutique Events, we warmly welcome you to experience the epitome of event planning, where every detail is meticulously crafted to reflect who you are and what you stand for.

Our Specialties include events, conferences, women’s events, weddings, tourism, festivals, symposiums, fundraising, music, exhibitions, trade shows, tours, gala dinners, Women Around the World Conference, art, design, and concerts. Discover the difference with Stella Polare Boutique Events—a celebration of uniqueness and sophistication.

A Journey Ignited, Stories Unfolded

Founder's Vision:


Hailing from Northern Europe, where nature paints four enchanting seasons, I have been captivated by the mystical beauty of white nights in summer and the serene embrace of heavy snowfall and darkness in winter.

My serendipitous encounter with Bahrain occurred during a four-hour layover. Armed with limited knowledge, I embarked on a spontaneous tour, immersing myself in the charm of the kingdom. An inexplicable connection unfolded, and from that very first moment, I knew Bahrain was where I belonged—a place I yearned to return to and call home.

In 2009, I revisited for a month, and that marked the beginning of a decade-long love affair with the island. The warmth of Bahrainis, their caring spirits, and boundless hospitality, particularly towards guests, left an indelible mark on my heart.

The Land of the Two Seas became my sanctuary, igniting a passion to share its diversity with the world. Thus, I embarked on a cherished mission—to narrate my Bahrain story, weaving a tapestry of flourishing details on every page.

To bring this dream to fruition, I founded Stella Polare Boutique Events. The name, Stella Polare, translates to Northern Star, renowned for its steadfast presence in the sky. Positioned near the north celestial pole, it remains nearly stationary as the entire northern sky revolves around it. Poignantly, England’s revered poet and playwright, Shakespeare, likened constancy to the northern star.

With the hope that Stella Polare Boutique Events will shine brightly, I aspire to connect Bahrain with the global stage. May our light reach every corner, forging limitless channels of connection, communication, and opportunities.

Warm regards,

Amina Leelo Weewo – Founder 

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